Don’t Go – A new collection of immersive, inventive short stories from Abe Aamidor

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Aamidor’s newest collection of short stories, Don’t Go, features speculative and realistic fiction together, creating a balanced body of original stories. In “John Gardner’s Last Ride,” the day famous writer John Gardner died in a motorcycle accident in 1982 is chronicled. “Siddhartha,” inspired by the Hermann Hesse classic, this quest for meaning begins in a trailer park with a pimply-faced young man. In “My Stupid Life Dot Com,”  a computer “nerd” tries to get a date with the beautiful daughter of his landlord.  In “Sacrificing Isaac,” a religious boy protests the Biblical story; why would Isaac have even submitted to his own prescribed death? In “Best Jewtown Hot Dogs,” a  wisecracking Jewish newspaper reporter in Chicago knows the Windy City better than he knows himself. A Palestinian and a former Kibbutz volunteer meet at college in America and learn to see each other with new eyes. In “Nietzsche’s Dog,”  an earnest young man searches for truth and is disappointed; his hoped-for mentor may not even be real, and he knows he must fall back on his own resources. “In the Graveyard of Past Experience” documents an imperious psychiatrist and his failed career. Eleven stories and one Novella are included. Aamidor doesn’t miss in his new collection of immersive, inventive short stories, Don’t Go.

Available through the publisher, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN UNIVERSITY PRESS

Order your copy today: ISBN 978-1-62288-929-7 $18.00 (Paperback; )

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